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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 13, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> brian: very nice. >> gretchen: good to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> gretchen: log on for the after the show show. lauren lovett will be back with more ballet tips and her fabulous career. >> brian: bye, everybody. wings, right, martha? martha: always looking for chicken wings! bill: we need more blue cheese around here. the iman with plans to build a mosque near ground zero is speaking out, fesia -- fei feisal rauf says he's deeply distressed about the events of the past few weeks. listen here: >> i'm deeply distressed before this political season some have exploited this view for their own reasons and i'm so disappointed many of the arguments have been based on the deliberate misinformation and harmful
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sterotypes. bill: is that the case? we'll have more on the remarks. we're monitoring that, coming inside "america's newsroom". stay tuned for more there. in the meantime, congress is back to work this week and the big question on the hill, what will happen to your taxes, the question of what happens to the bush era tax cuts set to dominate the last session, 50 days before the midterm elections. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to america us newsroom. martha: short weekend for us good to see you here, good morning, i'm martha mcoccasionum. one of the highest researchinging republicans in the house says if it is the only option, he will go along with the president. we're talking, of course, about house minority lead john boehner, he got a lot of attention over the weekend with this one, he says he will go for allowing the bush tax cuts to end just for the middle class if that's all he can get, even though he he and her
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republicans think it would be bad to raise the taxes on anybody. listen to this: >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans, if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> so you are saying you would vote for the middle class tax cuts if that's all you can get done? >> if that's what we can get done, but i think that's bad policy. i don't think that's going to help our economy. martha: john boehner, of course, has been hammered over recent weeks by the president. coming up we're going to have more on his comments and what they could mean. is this a change of heart or something else? bill: a lot more nuance in that answer than a lot is being reported so far and written about. martha: yeah. bill: meanwhile democrats are facing new backlash over these signature health care overhauls. the critics saying the party
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is not keeping its promise that jobs will be created. remember the house speaker, nancy pelosi, saying the law would create 4 million jobs, asap, but according to a new report that is not the case. and there's more on the idea of repealing a tax idea in there. stuart varney, anchor of "varney company company", good morning. all kinds of stuff for you today. first a tax provision, what's happening there. >> first of all, there is a development here in that health care reform is beginning to unravel, or so it seems. within health care reform, there's this provision, that any business which writes a check $600 per year to another business has to send out a 1099 to that business and irs, massive increase in tracking 234 and paperwork for small businesses. some democrats either want to repeal or change that paperwork provision. then you've got this big legal attack on the mandate that we must all go out there and buy health insurance. that's a legal challenge. then you've got 279
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democrats who voted for health care reform in the house and senate, not one of them, according to kim strath of the wall street journal, has even mentioned health care reform in the upcoming elections. bill: oh, these are interesting times. what about the idea of creating jobs? was it 4 million? >> yes. speaker pelosi, right before health care reform was passed in march, she said this is a job creator. it will create 4 million jobs. almost 400,000 jobs, almost immediately. those were her words in march of 210 -- 2010, right as health care reform was being passed. didn't work out that way we have now figures from the bureau of labor statistings which shows we created 20,000 health care jobs per month this year, no different from last year, in other words, health care reform has not been a job creator at all. bill: and no one is running toward it, you're saying. >> no be. nobody. bill: everybody is running away from it? >> yes, this is the crown jewel of president obama's
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legislative agenda in the first year in office, it's passed, and now in this election, the democrats who voted for it are running away from it. as i said, 279 in the house and senate who voted for it haven't even mentioned it. bill: 50 days away from the hr-bgs -- from the election, we're going to watch every race and see whether or not it changes. if it does that will be a headline. >> yes, sir. bill: stu varney on fbn, have a good day. martha: more bad news on jobs, president obama's new chief economic adviser offering a bleak assessment on unemployment, austan goolsbee in his first appearance in his new position sitting down with chris wallace, of course, since his first interview. goolsbee expects the unemployment rate to be high for the unforeseeable future. >> i think it's fair to say after this recession that began in 2007 put us very deep in the hole it's going to be a long battle to get out of that deep of ao heo
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of a recession, so we've had positive private sector job growth for eight months. i don't think the unemployment rate will be coming down significantly any time in the near future. martha: there you have t. goolsbee also defended extending the tax cuts for the middle class, but not for the wealthy. we will have much discussion -- we had much discussion over the weekend for these shows. bill: do you get points for candor? we see unemployment going nowhere for a while. so a powerful political message from the tea party now under the theme november -- remember november. hundreds of tea partiers converging on capitol hill yesterday, protesting what they call out of control spending, excessive taxes and in their words a government run amock. the tea party, the national rifle association, throwing their support to delaware's senate candidate christine o'donnell. she's challenging washington in the primary. castle has full support from the state's republican party
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and gop officials in that state accusing o'donnell of lying and misusing campaign funds. two great questions that we will pose to her today, christine o'donnell in about 25 minutes. we'll ask her what she plans for washington if she wins come november. martha: the race is very, very tight. leer going to talk to her in a while. meanwhile, overseas, iran now apparently back on track to release one of the three american hikers that the regime has held now for more than a year. an iranian lawyer for sarah shourd saying she will be set free for health reasons, but her freedom apparently has a hefty price tag. greg palkot is monitoring this story for us in our london bureau this morning. greg, what is the latest on a possible release of sarah shourd? >> hefty price tag indeed, martha. apparently it is show me the money time in iran. just a couple minutes ago, i was on the phone with a lawyer for the three american hikers being held byter ran. he says he is waiting to hear from the family of sarah shourd, or the swiss
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embassy in tehran, which handles u.s. affairs regarding the transfer or the receipt of $500,000, half a million dollars, that is the bail, now set for shourd's release. he tells me that once the money is there, she should be set free. all this comes after on again, off again reports over the weekend starting friday of her possible release. the iranian government yesterday confirmed it would happen if that money comes. the other two american hikers will not be released. all three now, according to the iranian government, face spy charges and have been held since july 2009, krortsing the -- crossing the border from keurg stand to iraq. shourd is said to have health problems. we're told if we hear anything today about the transfer of money it won't be until tonight tehran time. we've reached out both to the family of sarah shourd and to the swiss government. no word yet. everybody hush hush now, very sensitive stuff. martha: indeed it is and our hearts go out to all three
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of them and hope this gets resolved in very quick time. talk to me about one other story out there today, greg, a senior iranian diplomat, defecting in europe? >> yeah, this is a side bar to this whole broader iranian story, martha. this is the third, we are told, iranian reupt to detect this year, hussein al zada, number two are the iranian embassy in finland, he defected last week, went public today with his reasons, the reasons are, well, iranian president ahmadinejad and his government is crazy, ahmadinejad no longer the leader and in his words, he has no popularity among the iranians. i think this gentleman has no popularity amongst some circle necessary iran right now. back to you martha. martha: i'm sure he resonates with a lot of people. greg, thank you very much. by bill meantime bring the hikers home. about time. is a deal in the works for the alleged christmas day body bomb stpher why his
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lawyers are on -- why critics says this sends the wrong message about the war on terror. martha: four people are dead following a bus crash in upstate new york but the drive is not facing charges in this crash, which raidses a lot of questions. we're going to find out why. >> plus this: >> bill: look at that. you know what that is? that is new videotape of that deadly california gas blast. the terrifying scenes, moments after that fire. a fire described as a mushroom cloud.
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bill: you're going to hear a lot about this story throughout the morning now. there's a possible plea deal in the works from the man accused of trying blow up a
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plane on christmas day. the body bomber is due in court today, and we're hearing reports that his lawyers are trying to cut a deal an avoid a trial. he's in his 20s, charged with trying to blow up this jetliner as it approached landing in detroit christmas day and charles cully stenson with the heritage foundation, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainees, and cully, good morning to you, will he get a deal and avoid life in prison? >> hard to say. unlike many terrorism cases, the evidence in this case is exceptionally straightforward, it doesn't really involve classified information so the government is in a interior bargaining position. i don't know what the government would want to give him. bill: right. especially given the overwhelming evidence that you point out. is it normal for the government defense to talk about this, because they're giving us hints publicly. >> yeah, look, it is incredibly normal and expected in any case, no
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matter where it's a high level national security case or low level case for the government attorneys which i used to be a prosecutor, and the defense attorneys to talk. you always want to talk. sometimes the government is going to the defense because they have a weaker case so the defense is going to the government because they have a woke weaker case. the government is in a strong position because it's not a whodunnit. bill: one of the passengers is quoted as saying making a plea deal would send the wrong message, putting mr. abdulmutallab in prison is the way to go. she says exactly what you say. she was on board the flight, it's enough evidence to show exactly what he was trying to do. is there a good reason not to give him life in prison? >> under the law, as you know, victims have rights, and that's a good thing, and it's a relatively new phenomenon, and so the government will be required to sit down and talk with the many potential victims here and seek their opinion
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as to what an appropriate sentence is. now, they're going to have to weigh a lot of other things, still, and that is, you know, abdulmutallab may have information that he's holding back on, that he won't give the government unless he gets the kind of deal he wants, so he may have a little bargaining position. bill: or cully, he might be singing like a bird, too. who knows what he's giving up about al-qaeda or al-shabaab in somalia? >> yeah, you don't know that. we may never know, in fact. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if there are some small classified sections of the plea deal if, in fact, there is a plea deal in the works. but i think the government, unlike most terrorism cases, and is in such a superior bargaining position and given that he's looking at multiple life sentences, anything less than a long period of years would send a message i think to some people that the
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administration is caving on a shrul dunk case, but of course, you and i don't know the evidence. bill: right. listen, we have reporters there at the courthouse today and we're going to follow this thing and figure out what happens. cully, thank you. we'll measure what you say and perhaps bring you back, too, pending what happens. >> bill, thanks. bill: cully, thank you, out of d.c. today. martha: it's less than 24 hours until the polls open for some of the last primaries of this season, folks. and this woman could be the next republican candidate for senator in delaware. some say that she is a needed change in washington, others are calling her a spoiler in this race. she joins us live here in "america's newsroom", coming up. bill: also, first the man who helped bring back pride in new orleans years after hurricane katrina. we'll talk -- will talk to us about what it's like there now and what it's like to help america's children. it's a great program. the saints quarterback drew pwrao*ez is here next, live from new orleans.
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bill: new developments this morning in the deadly double decker bus crash in upstate new york. no charges have been filed yet, but four passengers were killed in that accident. the bus slamming into a railroad bridge around 2:30 in the morning saturday in the suburb of syracuse, new york. police say the driver missed a turn, was searching for way back when the violent impact happened. passengers said they were sent flying inside that bus. >> i felt something hit and then i swing like a pendulum from here to here and then stuck in the two seats and then i was unconscious. >> i was asleep when it happened, and i was awakened by a huge crash and a bang and i found myself under the bus, on the bus' broken glass, and realized there
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must have been an accident. bill: wow. according to the bust company, mega bus, the driver began driving this particular route back in july. martha: well, everybody knows it's a great -- that the great city of new orleans has had a very hard time over the past several years trying to recover from hurricane katrina, of course, and dealing with the environmental disaster of the bp oil spill there, that they're still struggling with, but through it all there has been one thing that has united the city and that is football, and that sense of unity, of course, reached its peak last february in super bowl 44 when drew pwrao*ez led his team to victory and what a victory it was, and remember that beautiful moment with your son, brew pwrao*ez joins me now. welcome, good to have you here today, drew. >> thank you for having me on, how you doing? >> martha: doing just great, and football got off to quite a great start, you guys had the highest ratings in i think the last 12 years in your game against the vikings so congratulations to that.
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how do you feel the start of the season? >> feel good. just glad that things got underway, obviously having the thursday night kickoff game, it's a pretty quick turnaround from the last preseason game to that one so a lot of preparation in the short amount of time, but we're just glad that we're able to have that home opener here in new orleans, in the dome, in front of our fans, and to get the victory. martha: well, i know they -- i'm sure you're looking forward to that and hope you can do it again and pull it off again this year. how are things in new orleans? it seems unfathomable for them to be hit with this double whammy of this oil spill, waiting on the economy there. how are folks holding up? >> you know what, if there's one thing about new orleans, you know, the people will always maintain a positive attitude and they've been through so much better and if there's anybody that can fight back through the tough economic times that the oil spill has caused, it's the people of the gulf coast and the people of new orleans. you know, things are still tough for a lot of people, obviously it affected tourism quite a bit, but
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hopefully, this thursday night kickoff game against the vikings got things kicked off, so to speak, so the city is well -- for tourism, i heard we had about 300,000 people come to town without even a ticket to the game, they were here to hang out and enjoy the festivities and certainly that was big for the tourism industry and good to the economy yet. martha: i know you're going to give everybody a lot of inspiration and a good distraction from some of the sr-bs they're having, when they hit the field and the season. i've been checking out this financial football that you've been working on, and it's a great way to teach kids about how to handle their finances, responsibly. talk to us about that, drew. >> sure. it's really a lot of fun. you know, and the visa platinum money skills program and financial football game that's included in that is something i've been involved with now going on five years, so i feel very strongly about it, had a chance to travel the country, talking to high school kids about financial literacy and prepare fog their financial future, and
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playing the financial football game is a great way just to learn some of those basic fundamentals. you can choose your favorite nfl team on the game, as you answer financial questions correctly, you make first outs, lose your ball down the field and eventually score a touchdown and it's great to do with classmates, your friends, family. i just feel like there's not enough of a base curriculum in regard to financial education in middle school, high schools, even college. martha: scary. >> and kids are getting out of school and are unprepared. in fact there's a recent survey and study that said 93 percent of americans said that there should be a class that -- a required course that kids would taken regard to financial education and yet there's only 4 percent of -- there's only four states that actually require that. so i think that obviously, you know, there's an imbalance here, and visa practical money skills program is trying to pick up the slack, but obviously
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there's more to be done. martha: good advice to a super bowl champion. i moved ahead 4 yards. i'm playing the hall of fame video game. when kids are playing something you don't like, i pull up this. it's pretty cool and it's fun to play. have a good season, we wish you well. >> thank you very much, and steer people to practical money, they can download it as a preapp, too. martha: financial football got me there, so it's easy to find. bill: that's a first down for mcical up. martha: working on it! bill: it sends the right message. they were just allowed back into their homes and now people in colorado, dealing with yet another fire. the latest on a stubborn story that's not giving many folks a bit of a break on a monday. martha: hundreds of tea partyers flood to go the u.s. capitol calling for blood in washington, basically, like candidate
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christine o'donnell, shaking things up in delaware now and the national party is taking notice. will that help or hurt her? this one is pretty intense, guys. there she is. she'll be with us in just a moment.
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bill: good monday morning, top stories, secretary of state hillary clinton on her way to the middle east for more peace talks, she meets with the israeli prime minister and the palestinian president first in egypt tomorrow, then skwr nes on wednesday of this week. hurricane igor, what a storm this is, threatening
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to become a category five. right now category four. winds of 150 miles an hour. beautiful looking storm out there in the atlantic. still, though, several days away from coming close to land. watch igor as we will, all week here. 9:31. martha. martha: this has become a hot one, really a signature battle right now for this week in the mid terms. the establishment candidate versus the upstart and career politician mike castle, this is a delaware primary, senate gop primary, for example, he is facing off against a tea party backed candidate christine o'donnell. take a look at this latest poll. mike castle is a former governor, christine o'donnell has pulled out in front by three percentage points, that is within the margin of error, but it's become increasingly nasty in this campaign, in the fight to claim a seat that was held by vice president joe biden for more than 30 years. so this would be a big upheaval in delaware. christine o'donnell joins me
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now. welcome christine. it's good to have you here today. >> thank you for having me this morning, martha. martha: thank you. this has been very interesting to watch, and one of the -- it's getting pretty nasty, in fact, the federal election commission has filed claims against you and clearly, the state gop in delaware has in no uncertain terms said we're not neutral, we're back to mike castle and -- castle and not christine o'donnell. >> let me clarify that. the sec has for the tphaoeuld claims. my opponent who's scared and can't make a decision is making accusations to the sec. we're confident we've done no wrong there and i'm sure the forecast will clear us. it's a shame because what my panent is happening, there's a tidal wave coming to delaware, we're riding t. my opponent is drowning in it, and that's why he's making desperate attempts like these baseless claims and charges to the sec, and it really is a shame, because
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what is on the delaware voters' minds is how we're going to get private sector jobs back to delaware, how we're going to take care of our veterans, how we're going to keep our homeland secure, and unfortunately, my opponent has a very liberal record that does not resonate with the people, so he's had to resort to these dirty tricks and mud shrinking -- shrinking, but i'm confident because the polls reflect that the voters are seeing right through it, and i've been working hard, going up and down the state, trying to get my message out there, and i'm really excited that it's resonating with the people. but we're not -- >> martha: since the alaska campaign, after the alaska campaign, when joe miller beat lisa murkowski, a lot of money starting flood going your campaign and it became the focus for the tea party to try to win this race against mike castle who is a moderate candidate, and you know t. has -- they're trying to pull off the same thing they did in alaska in delaware, with you leading the charge. but let's play a little bit of what mike castle said
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recently, and i want to get your response to this: >> republicans have serious questions about her and i think the democrats have serious questions about her, which means in a general election, there's no chance of getting elected. she may be a fiscal conservative but she's got a lot of problems in her own personal life with respect to that and plus she's had no gone governmental experience whatsoever so she states what she believes as opposed to figuring anything out. martha: your response to that. >> again, it's really saying that he can't discuss the issues in this race. but i'm very confident that we can win the general election. no one thought that we could get this far. but that same determination and commitment to the principles, the commitment to put our principles to practice, is what's gotten us this far, it's what's going to help us win the general election, and then i'll take that same determination and commitment to these principles to the u.s. senate to get real
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constitutional private sector solutions for our economic troubles. kind of what you hear coming from my opponent is the throw in the towel mentality that's gotten us into the mess we're in and the voters are tired of it, they're tired of the rhetoric, they're tired of the mud shrinking and they want fresh ideas, and a new strength, and that's why we have gained so much momentum here in delaware. martha: one of the things that's been getting a lot of attention, even in some -- in the weekly standard and other places is this -- is the race, the general election and whether or not you could beat democrat chris kao*upbs. castle is decidedly beating chris kao*upbs in delaware. how do you plan too take him on if you win the nomination? >> in some polls i've been two points ahead before the nasty mud shrinking started. like i said, i'm very confident we've got a winning message, that the solution to the economic troubles is through the private sector, through
9:36 am
getting out of the way of the entrepreneur, getting out of the way of the small business owner, let them create jobs. once we get past this primary, we're going to work even harder to make sure the democrats and independents understand my message, and get to know me, not the picture that my opponent is trying to paint. that's not working. so we've got a winning message and like i said, no one thought we could get this far if the -- in the primary, the so-called experts are saying we can't win the general. i know we can. martha: i want to get your reaction to this, because some are saying that the tea party has brought you very much into focus and helped to lays your profile in this race and that's been a double edged sword, that because they did, the sort of other side of the republican party has come out and brought the bring guns out questioning your honestly and civility. what is that like to have those things questioned? >> it's, again, a desperate act, and i'm excited that the tea party has gotten behind us. but i do want to point out
9:37 am
that we have broad-based support. we've got a lot of hillary democrats working behind us, with us, because they're frustrated with what this administration is doing. martha: all right, christine o'donnell, it's great to have you with us today, we thank you very much for coming. it's going to be an interesting race to watch. a lot of dynamics at play there. and we'll talk to you afterwards. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, martha. martha: christine o'donnell, running in delaware in the go p-flt senate primary and fair and balanced at fox, we have invited her opponent mike castle to come on "america's newsroom" as well, we hope he will join us here, and we haven't heard back from his campaign yet but we hope to hear from him soon. bill: there's time! there's like 50 days. a shortcut to american politics, get the latest political developments every morning, every afternoon, every night, right in the palm of your hand. download the new america's election headquarters iphone app. you can get that online at our website, if you're shopping at the app store, grab it. be in the know on the go.
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day 50 and counting, right? >> martha: on the know, on the go. forget the term real estate. this home is for sale, it's more -- the history behind this unique adobe and the price tag that goes with it. bill: and the white house is making house republican leader john pwa*upber target number one. do you like that strategy? will it work? we'll debate it, fair and balanced. and the tax talk continues.
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martha: no chance for firefighters in colorado to catch their breath, just as they got a handle on one huge fire near boulder a second one has spread 35 miles from there, this new fire we're told is
9:42 am
10 percent contained at this point, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes, one home already destroyed in this. the fire is now pulling some resources away from the other fires near boulder. the fire in the foothills in boulder forced 3500 people from their homes and it destroyed 166 families' houses. the big task now is clearing the debris from that. authorities warn much of that area, still pretty dangerous because of the downed power lines and exposed mine shafts. bill: what to do about your tax cuts, right, expiring this year, becoming a major issue in these mid terms, the white house pushing a plan to raise the top tax rate and keep the middle class tax cuts in place. house minority leader john boehner was asked about that very possibility yesterday: >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the
9:43 am
current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. bill: so are you saying you would vote for the middle class tax cuts if that's all you can get done? >> if that's what we can get done, but i think that's bad policy. i don't think that's going to help our economy. bill: if is the qualifier. if that's the only option. andrea santoras, how you doing, good morning to you. >> kelly bingle, tpoerl steve of staff to blanche lincoln. tantaras has been beating them up every day. >> can't take it anymore. bill: if you read the headlines in a lot of newspapers and websites today, they say that boehner is waffling on this. is he? what he said is that if that's the only option. >> look, boehner was never against any of the tax cuts. he wants them extended for all parties. but what he had to do was
9:44 am
inoculate himself and the republican party from the criticism that they are against tax cuts for the middle class. the democrats were inaccurately painting him as someone who is trying to keep the middle class down and he came out and wed look, what else am i suppose to do, i'd rather extend them for everybody and he's making the larger point that if democrats said they wanted to inject money into the economy over and over, but the surest way to take money out of the economy is through tax cuts and he's saying let the high wage earners keep those tax cuts because if they do, bill, they will hire and create the jobs for the middle class. the middle class are the ones who need the jobs the most. bill: that's been his argument from the beginning. >> that's right. bill: what do you think? >> bill, first he was the party of no, the leader of the party of no, now he's the party of maybe. i mean, the fact is there are many democrats in both of house and senate who said they want to extend all these tax cuts for at least two years, with rising economic uncertainty.
9:45 am
that's good policy, that's what we're going to see, but the interesting thing is boehner is is he no or maybe. what we've seen from the republican leadership in the house for two years is they're the party of no. bill: kelly, did you hear a maybe? even austan goolsbee said this is a qualifier, if my only choice is, dot dot dot. >> right. right. that's maybe. it's a maybe. but the bottom line is that many democrats in the house and senate have been saying we need to provide -- continue to provide economic uncertainty and extend these for two years, but i think that's what you're going to see happen. but one other point, leader boehner is the potential new leader of the house, should that house flip. republicans have made a great deal of saying we're going to retake the house. if they do, who's in charge and what are the ideas? we haven't seen a lot of ideas. bill: that fits perfectly into our next topic here. you wonder if that commentmation him look more moderate or bipartisan at a time when america thinks that washington is -- they're in the trenches now, it's either our our way or the highway in both sides.
9:46 am
look at this poll about john boehner, 39 percent not unfavorable, i guess that's not a reach given that the way that americans look at pentagon, 24 percent, favorable, 37 percent say not sure. does america even know who john bain ser because clearly he's target number one for the white house at the moment. >> thanks to barack obama, they do. all of the sudden john boehner is elevated to a position of an effective messenger because the president can't take crit civil and decides to go after john boehner personally, so he actually did the republican party a favor, boehner's approval ratings a much higher than nancy pelosi. when he can come out and make the argument that barack obama says i'm going to take money away from the american people and give it to my friends, i'm going to give it to my friends in the form of union dollars and i'm going to give it to my friends in the form of stimulus money, i mean, would you rather have the highest earners putting that money into jobs, bill, and putting that money into -- >> bill: my question isn't about the politics, the personal politics here, does the -- does america know who
9:47 am
john bain ser? >> again, again, now, they do. they didn't know him as much as before. but now they do. bill: what do you think kelly? is this the strategy? >> it used to be the only thing the american folks knew about john boehner is he was the guy passing out checks in the tobacco industry to our elected officials on the house floor, now they're learning more about them. >> come on kelly. >> he's a great golfer, my republican friends say he's a lot of fun but the question is what kind of ideas would he bring forth. he's been the party of no. >> from a political strategy, bill, john boehner knows it's not wise to go out and articulate every single detailed point and republicans aren't doing that, what they are doing and why this is smart is they're coming out and going against barack obama's unpopular polices. if you look at health care reform, boehner was very smart to come out and say if we get in, i'm going to repeal t. and now that barack obama has elevated him, he can effectively express those points and the people are saying -- republicans don't --
9:48 am
>> bill: kelly, last word. >> well, the fact is this election is going to be all about the economy. the republican party drove our economy into the ditch and now they want to give the keys back to the republicans. if that's the case who's going to be driving the car, john pwa*epb. is that what we want driving the car? >> kelly, you've gotten laughable. you guys read the same talking points every time you go on the air, a car, a ditch, a slurping machine. the only shovel ready project was a grave site for the u.s. economy, dug by barack obama with the health care bill and the stimulus that didn't work. where are the jobs? bill: i've got to run, but i appreciate the enthusiasm, and i'll take a grape slurpee, at least that was my favorite growing up, anyway. >> you have no money for your slurpe. you're reminding me of my favorite fox show.
9:49 am
>> see you guys. bill: 12 minutes before the hour, here's martha. martha: what's happening now in new york city, the imam who wants to build the mosque near ground zero is speaking to a group at the council on foreign relations. will he go ahead with the location on that mosque? >> bill: also, this is jaw dropping video, a new view of that deadly san bruno fire that you have to see. also on our website,"america's newsroom", answer this, we want to know if this explosion has made you concerned about gas price safety necessary your areas. take our poll, weigh n. we have the results later in our program. we're back in a moment.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
bill: if you have seen this
9:53 am
show you know the fishing boat that's feet tphaourd some of the fishing boat in deadliest catch, it went nup flames, the fire breaking out early yesterday morning in seattle, while the boat was docked and flames pouring out of the hatch firefighters had to attack it from the dock and from the fire boats in the harbor in seattle. arctic dawn is the ship, 100 feet long, it was used to catch those huge crabs when it appeared on deadliest catch. now it's used for salmon fishing, and investigators are trying to figure out what caused t that was a three alarm fire, by the way. the fire is not the only tragedy for the tv show. fill harris is the captain featured in that reality show, he passed away last february. but the legacy of captain harris lives on in -- and his two young sons, josh and jake hair i. they've agreed to stay on the series in future seasons. that's in seattle. martha: all right. well, court victory for aid groups that want to hire and fire based on religious
9:54 am
views. dan spring ser covering from for nous seattle. tell us, what exactly did the court rule here? >> it's significant that this is the ninth circuit court of appeals which is largely considered the most liberal appellate court in the land t. upheld the right of world vision, which is a humanitarian aid organization, based here in seattle, to fire three employees based on nothing more than the fact that they no longer believed in the tenants that world vision did, which is the tenants of the trinity, that jesus was define, and so -- divine, so the employees stopped going to prayer meetings, chapel services and all of the sudden they started to branch off into their own meetings and going their own key of david sect meetings and the world of vision said we can't tolerate this, even though we reach out to people of all faiths, we need to have the continuity of people believing what we believe when we go out and provide our services, so they fired these three
9:55 am
employees and they sued. martha: so what's the ending here, what's the impact, winners and losers on this, dan? >> reporter: well, this was being watched very carefully but aid groups around the country, around the world, really, because so many of them are faith based and they were watching to see what the court would do and they upheld the right. by the way, the appeals will continue because the losers in this case, the three people who were fired, have said that they want to have the full ninth circuit court of appeals weigh in on this and pole the supreme court down the road. martha: we'll keep an eye on that, dan springer, thank you very much. bill:bill: in the meantime, it s topic number one, the issue of the day, the president presis top economic adviser put bad news on the economy, what he said about jobs and whether or not we'll see the unemployment rate go down any time soon. and have you seen this? martha: it looks like a movie but it's not as it's real. terrifying moments caught on tape of last week's deadly
9:56 am
gas explosion in california. the rest of this video, we will show it to you after this. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> don't go, stay here! don't go! martha: look at that. unbelievable video. you probably would have said, a few things that needed to be bleeped out as well, when that fireball was roaring by their house, it sounds like a plane is landing in your backyard. terrifying moments captured on home video, the tape you will see more here, it is a bustling california suburb and look at
10:00 am
it, now. looks closer to parts of hiroshima want san francisco and four people are did, four missing in the situation, dozens of lifves shattered in a split-second in the middle of the night, men, women and children blown out of their beds by a catastrophic natural gas explosion on thursday and residents are now returning, trying to figure out what to do with their tattered neighborhood and, sifting through what is left of that your lives, i'm martha maccallum, unbelievable images we are seeing of what it looks like. bill: remember the guy on friday night, the eyewitness turned around from soccer field and says, it was a mushroom cloud that went up in his neighborhood. and, that is what is left behind. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, pg & e, pacific gas an electric ordered to inspect all natural gas lines throughout california, like 5,000 miles worth of lines.
10:01 am
already, admitting the devastating development was in a high risk area, but, still nobody knows, at least for the moment, exactly what went wrong. >> we did not see any repair equipment at the site and know there was no repairing or excavating going on at the time of the mishap, but our research will determine whether there was any such work in the past, we don't know the answer to that yet. that is part of the interview process. martha: and, imagine that happening in your neighborhood and think of what it would be like, claudia cowan joins us live from san bruno, california. what was the reaction, as the residents started to come back to their neighborhoods and get a look? >> reporter: well, martha, after days of being displaced and wondering about their property, residents in roughly 300 green tagged homes are waking up this morning in the neighborhood behind me, but, you look farther down the street and the so-called devastation zone, 84 homes remain empty, too damaged
10:02 am
or unsafe to occupy and some like the property you are looking at now are completely gone, the scene prompts mixed emotion for those allowed to return to a home basically intact but in a neighborhood literally torn apart and we followed one family, who lived near the blast site and who's home suffered only minor damage, take a listen: >> we are very lucky that our house was spared and we feel sad for our neighbors. literally, three houses down where their house was just destroyed. >> reporter: homeowners who lost everything will be meeting with city officials today, to get put onto a schedule for access to what is left of their property, martha and bill, they'll be getting special assistance including crisis counseling, back to you. martha: talking about this investigation. what is happening there? >> reporter: federal investigators are shipping the 28-foot section of ruptured pipeline that blew out onto the street, back to the ntsb labs in washington, d.c. for analysis, and state regulators had ranked the section of pipeline as high risk. because of the proximity to so
10:03 am
many homes and in fact many residents say they didn't know it was there and regulators have ordered the local utility company, pacific gas & electric to inspect the entire system of natural gas pipelines across the state. investigators say at least right now, they have not been able to support claims that pg&e, pacific gas and electric ignored neighbors' reports of smelling gas in the area in the days and even weeks prior to last week's explosion. martha: we'll hear a lot more about the investigation. claudia, thank you very much. claudia cowan reporting from san bruno, this morning and what happens if you come home and your home is gone? not that a private company is at fault, but, perhaps a neighborhood utility, what happens and who takes responsibility and we'll talk would you that and, are you concerned about gas pipe safety in your area, because this kind of thing, does not give a lot of warning, folks, head to our web site,"america's newsroom" and vote there, a
10:04 am
little bit later this hour we'll discuss the legal qualifallout the power company and what is beneath the ground, where you live. frightening. bill: and the aftermath, too, and the imam behind the mosque project near ground zero just finishing up a major speech in new york city, feisal abdul rauf asked whether or not all of the publicity has been worth the trouble. >> in recent days some people have asked, is there really a need for an islamic communities center in lower manhattan? is it worth all of the firestorm? the answer, ladies and gentlemen, is a categorical yes. bill: categorical yes. those who would disagree, eric sean is reporting on the story, what else did the imam say now, eric. eric: let me start with his wife, daisy khan said they are
10:05 am
working on a way to resolve this moments ago, and steak holders on this and i asked if they'd move the mosque or have any plans to move it and wouldn't answer it directly but says they are tacking ing talking to she but it seems her husband, feisal abdul rauf let the door open a little bit, there could be a solution and they are working on a solution and when asked if it means holding it up, stopping it, seeking a compromise, he said all option are on the table and characterized the debate between extremists and moderates and called it an interfaith center that will serve the moderates of islam, and would serve moderation in this whole debate, here's some of what the imam said. >> the events of the past few weeks have really saddened me to my very core. i regret some of -- that some misunderstood our intentions.
10:06 am
i am deeply distressed that in this heated political season, some have exploited the issue for their own agendas. and, i'm deeply disappointed that so many of the arguments have been based on deliberate misinformation, and harmful stereotypes. eric: he said it is disingenuous and misrepresentation to claim the building is hallowed ground even though a piece of one of the planes fell onto the roof and body parts were fond a few hundred feet away and thanked president obama for his support. bill. bill: the council of foreign relations, draws a lot of respect here in new york city. and they draw people from all walks of life, too. what was the reaction from some of those who showed up this morning, eric? eric: he did receive applause, at the beginning and end and foreign policy experts among those in the audience, ted
10:07 am
sorenson, a speechwriter or john f. kennedy an ed koch and, president nixon's son-in-law, the chairman of the new york republican party and we talked to him and the reaction seemed to be mixed. >> i think, it showed moderation in what he said, he showed moderation in what he thought and it was an important speech, because, as he said the conversation was overtaken by a lot of radical views. >> he said that ground zero was not hallowed ground. and, we, here, of course, feel differently about that, as we do about gettysburg or pearl harbor or auschwitz. these are sacred places. eric: bottom line will they move the mosque? no direct answer, yet, from either the imam, or his wife. bill. bill: eric sean on the streets of new york city today. a developing story. martha. martha: mexico's marines made a huge arrest, they caught a man suspected of being a top boss in the country's leading drug
10:08 am
cartel. the suspect is sergio villareal, known as el grande, after the capture of edgar valdez, and the crackdown has been launched in late 2006 and the space of a week taking down of two of the biggest kingpins in the cartel, major news out of mexico today and congress back at home, getting to work, after a long five-week break, their to-do list is on their desks and ready and ready to go, to a loom expiration of the bush tax cuts and, with democrats focus on holding on to the majorities in both houses, will they get anything accomplished in the
10:09 am
tense house, shannon bream joins us now, bush tax cuts were the hot topic on the sunday talk shows and there is suggestion there may be room for compromise? >> reporter: you're right, the tiniest opening it appears from the top republican in the house, john boehner and of course the president wants to see the tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, extended for the middle class, not for anyone who individually makes more in the $200,000 or a family making more than $250,000, republicans all along said that is not a good idea and would hurt small businesses and people who create jobs and, what everyone is looking for and john boehner said if a bill comes to me and the only option i have is to vote for a tax cut that extends for the middle class, i'll vote for it but, he said i'm going to keep fighting to extend the bush tax cuts, for all wage earners. and, interestingly enough there's democrats in the senate that are on board with the president's plan and we have evan byah, kent conrad and ben nelson who all say they actually think extending the tax cuts for
10:10 am
everyone is a good idea, and a little bit of crossover, not enough of a compromise yet to get it done and also, add to the list, morning, blanche lincoln, the incumbents democrat in the fight of her political life in arkansas, breaking with the president on the tax cut issue at this point, martha. martha: those changes have been really interesting to watch. we'll see if more people join the list, but because of what is going on, we're 50 days from the elections, what they're odds anything can get done before november 2nd? >> reporter: it will not be easy but you mentioned the small business bill, a $30 billion package languishing here in the senate and there has been back and forth and part san maneuvering, but, it looks like that is something they'll tackle first and are aimed at getting done and you have to remember, also, it is interesting, congress has 12 bills, dealing with funding and funding the federal government and have not gotten to the president yet and it would set to kick in, october 1st when you get to the new budget and there's a lot to get done and analyst, larry sabato says don't counts on seeing a
10:11 am
lot of progress. >> we are extremely polarized and i'm not sure they could come together on something like mother's day legislation, much less tax cuts and appropriation bills with thousands of provision, a few hundred of which are controversial. >> reporter: the senate is back in session today and the house returns tomorrow, martha. martha: maybe they should try and mother's day resolution and see if they get that and move on to the other stuff. >> reporter: great idea. martha: larry sabato will be our guest in a few minutes and has a take on the o'donnell-castle primary. bill: and the... martha: we have mother's day. bill: hey -- police say he was about to be evicted from his home and one morning apparently didn't like the way his wife cooked breakfast and what happened next, on the family and
10:12 am
the neighborhood and the nation. also... >> tears, anger, i have it all mixed up inside and i don't know where it started from. so, i guess i'm just scared to hell for my family and i'll do what i can to help. martha: look at this guy, performing in the water. he's huge, igor, and heating gore apparently is how we are calling him, i say tomato... you say "tomato" when will it hit and will it hit, and, us in the u.s. bill: a perfectly shaped storm, too, lock ouok out, it is tough sell a home, how about one made outs of foam? it's your foam home! martha: e.t., phone home! jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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bill: stories like these leave you in a state of shock, a deadly shoot-out in kentucky, jackson, kentucky, police say the man shot his wife an step-daughter and three neighbors before turning the gun on himself, all did and believe he snapped over how his wife made his breakfast and how his wife cooked his eggs, and, the landlord says he had grown increasingly hostile and was on the verge of being evicted. martha: bleak new jobs outlook came from inside the obama administration, the president called it his number one priority and the chief economic advisor now says high unemployment is likely to continue. >> i don't think the unemployment rate will be coming down significantly, any time in the near future. >> do you think you will be --
10:17 am
it's now 9.6%, ends of the year. >> look, i try to stay out of the specific forecasting games, other than our official forecast. i think it is clear that the labor market is significantly weakened, has webeen for some te and we have to do everything we can to create jobs and get everybody back to work. martha: stephen moore, is an economic writer at the "wall street journal." good to see you. >> hi there. martha: a couple of things i take away from what austan goolsbee said, they try to manage down expectation and don't want to say things will get better when we have a long way to go. >> that's right, by the way, martha, i have known him several years and is a good economist but what he's disabilities of here is being honest, here. being honest about the repercussions of the stimulus bill, we probably are going to have a number of more months of 9%-plus unemployment, and, this,
10:18 am
i think is an admission, at stimulus plan did not work. remember, we were promised an unemployment rate of less than 8% by now. martha: why they are backing away from specific numbers, because, the 8% number has hung around their shoulders in an unpleasant way and there's the august number, 9.6, the highest rate of 10% and nobody is feeling great at 9.6%, and, the stimulus package, there's still a lot of money left in that. a lot of folks wonder why can't we use the money for the new stimulus package we are being told about and would it do any good in your opinion? >> that is a great question, because you are right. there is -- my estimates, 100 to $150 billion that has not been spent, out of the $800 billion package, and by the way, about 50 billion of that is for those shovel ready infrastructure projects, so, you asked the right question, martha, if we got $50 billion in the tank, that has not been spent, why is the president calling for another $50 billion on top of that? i think the answer is, there is
10:19 am
just not -- never enough spending for the administration, they want to spend the $50 billion in the pipeline and another 50 billion beyond that, but, you know, to answer your question about what it will take this bring the unemployment rate down, i mean, we need to have 250,000 jobs a month, net, to just bring the unemployment rate back to 9%, over the next six or seven months and, we have only been averaging 60 or 70,000 jobs and we are a -- >> private sector. >> that's right. private sector, about 75,000 jobs, and we need 250,000 jobs, a month to bring the unemployment rate down and we're a long way from that, martha. martha: the number everybody needs in their back pockets when you look at the numbers and they come out monthly and everybody wants to see jobs generated and we need 250 to get out of the hole, stephen moore good to have you with us, sir. >> nice to see you, take care. bill: winds are topping 150 miles per hour. say hello to igor. churning away in hurricane
10:20 am
alley, a perfect storm. cut it be a category 50 before long, janice dean, whether or not it is headed your way in minutes. martha: and what you may not have considered as and casualty of the economy, international arms deals. the administration may be able to change that. where other hammers can only dream of going,
10:21 am
the craftsman hammerhead goes everyday. driving home nails quickly and easily in the tightest spaces. more innovation, more great values.
10:22 am
craftsman. trust. in your hands.
10:23 am
martha: international arms deals are a casualty of the global financial crisis to a certain extent. a report shows the struggling economy is driving down sales of weapons. now, at the lowest level since 2005. and, the u.s. is still the world's leading supplier, russia is a distant second and the other side of the story... the largest ever u.s. arms deal is inches closer to being signed, sealed and delivered and the administration set to notify congress of plans for a massive $60 billion sale of black hawk
10:24 am
helicopters to where? saudi arabia will be the recipients of the biggest arms deal ever. bill: in the meantime, right now, a monster of a storm, is taking shape, hurricane igor, winds at 150 miles per hour, might become a category-5 stor s today and janice dean in the extreme weather center. >> wasn't igor frankenstein's little buddy, one eyed monster. we don't think it will come close to the u.s., however, bermuda keeps an eye on the one eyed monster and there is igor and i want to point out julia, off the coast of africa and an area of disturbed weather across the caribbean which could develop, we're in the peak season. look at this storm, 150 mile per hour sustained winds, the strongest storm we have seen in
10:25 am
the atlantic basin since 2007, felix, awesome, textbook looking hurricane, all four quadrants filling out and this is an awesome-looking storm, a monster for sure and the good news is, we think it will stay away from the u.s. but we still have to keep an eye on it, be a valleys but bermuda, you need to keep a close eye on the storm as it could make a brush towards you, in the next 7 to 10 days, there's the computer models that make up the cone of uncertainty and we are not sure where the storm will go but we are sure the trough moving across the east coast will eventually steer the storm north and east ward and hopefully will be just a fish storm and, julia formed over the weekend, 40 mile-per-hour sustained winds, call it igor's little sister and we don't think it will impact land, either, and that is the good news but, guys we are watching the area of disturbed weather i pointed out in the
10:26 am
caribbean that will bring hispaniola and haiti, and they are still recovering from the earthquake and there is potential for the disturbance to go into the gulf of mexico, we are peak season and running through the names. bill: that, we are, not even mid september. have you ever been to bermuda. >> i have not, i hear it is fantastic. bill: everything must be made of concrete. >> no, seriously they have to have at least a category-3, you know, building codes. bill: i bet. >> man, we hope the storm doesn't go -- >> and a lot of prayers, in the cross hairs every week. >> it seems like it. bill: janice, don't go far, we'll watch it all week -- >> 11:00 advisory, we'll have it here for you. bill: 30 minutes away. thank you, janice. martha: pink, yellow and green concrete in bermuda. colorful. bill: they make everything out of concrete. martha: indeed! we had a big couple of days -- we have a big couple of days, here, folks, the count down to
10:27 am
the clash of the titans, here's what i mean, washington insiders, versus political outsiders and a voting public that has very big decisions to make. the red-hot primary season, closing, and getting very interesting after the break. bill: this is red-hot. she showed up the sidelines the day before the nfl season opened, reporting for a mexican tv station and what players allegedly said to her at the practice and the locker room afterward that sparked a football firestorm. martha: yes. hey, smart, we could stay here for the conference.
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bill: 10:30 in new york on a monday morning, good morning to you, a political show down, in the state of new hampshire, that may tell us a lot come tomorrow, as republicans choose a senate candidate, in tomorrow's primary. the republican field is crowded and the senate races turned nasty, millionaire bill biddy, paying money to slam the fronts runner, as the candidate, screen left stay out of the fray, and, la montagne calls himself the only true conservative in the race and molly line is on the race, good morning, what will happen here? >> good morning to you, that's right, the voters will head to the polls tomorrow, and on the republican side the g.o.p. side, the slate is full and in the race for the senate seat and has been a brutal and bitter one,
10:32 am
the fronts runner this is e former attorney general and received the endorsement of sarah palin and has been leading in the polls but it's not a comfortable spot to be in, in the race, because, vowing to spur job creation, a wealthy businessman, bill biddy is spending millions of dollars, of his self-made fortune and slams her in a series of brutal negative ads claiming her that's political insider and despite calls from state g.o.p. leaders, she campaigns they are not backing down and are returning fire and, paint him as a liberal, launching desperate falls attacks, and la montagne as said out of it, a manchester attorney, billing himself that's true conservative and received the endorsement of the union leader, the major newspaper and is striking a sunny and positive note in his advertising and the latest public policy polling data released september 12th, over the weekend, puts lamontagne in second place now.
10:33 am
he's trailing by just 7 points and experience aid surge recently and ahead of biddy by 17 and, in fourth days, jim bender, bank rolling his campaign also and has a slogan, jim for jobs and we have ayotte with 37% and lamon tan witagnla binnie with 13 and bender at 12. and, recent polls showed the g.o.p. front-runner, ayotee, would be in the match-up, and it is the first campaign for democrats who swept the election in 2008 in record numbers, bill. bill: molly line in boston, thanks, we'll watch it and see where we are then, we'll see what we learn, martha with more on politics, a busy week. new hampshire is not only the hot race for tomorrow, we talked to delaware's tea party backed candidate, christine o'donnell,
10:34 am
a nasty fight between she and republican mike castle, and larry sabato this is director at the center for politics at the university of virginia and joins me, good to have you here. i want to play for folks who tuned in with the interview with christine o'donnell, and i wanted your thoughts on that race. >> my opponent has a liberal record that does not resonate with the people and had to resort to dirty true u-tricks and mud slinging but i'm confidents, the polls reflect the voters are seeing right through it. martha: what are the polls telling you about the race. >> it is very, very close, and the republicans face a conundrum in delaware, tomorrow night. essentially, their choice is this: they can pick christine o'donnell with whom i think they agree on more issues, she's clearly more conservative, than the other candidate, congressman mike castle, who is a moderate to liberal republican, and the problem is, delaware is a
10:35 am
democratic state. and, every poll i have seen, public and private, suggests that mike castle will win the seat in november, defeating democrat chris kuhns, and christine o'donnell will probably lose the seat in november and it is a conundrum, do you go with the candidate with whom you believe and hope there is a big enough republican wave to carry her in against expectations or take the safe route and go with the candidate with the better chance of winning in november? we'll find out what republicans do. martha: it's fascinating to see who is on which side of the race. you have jim diment and sarah palin, and backing christine o'donnell and rush limbaugh in favor of christine o'donnell and the other side of the fence, you have dick armey and chris christie, the governor from measure backing mike castle and as you clearly point out, it's a question of pragmatic versus ideology, and o'donnell might say, i surged in recent weeks, wait until you see what i can go
10:36 am
if i get nomination, i'll turn the ballgame around. >> she can make the case, obviously i think it will be tough to do. i think you will see most nonpartisan analysts if she wins the nomination move the scene from lean republican to lean to likely democratic and, those analysts are occasionally wrong, i hate to admit that. martha: and we'll look at the races that have been decided in the primaries because they are hot ones and people like to get an update on how the polls look on these, let's look at florida. rubio and crist and meeks. rubio seems to be pulling ahead decisively there. >> yes, i think, rubio is doing better in there a race. the only question left is whether democrats decide to pull the plug on meek who will finish third, their nominee, and will they pull the plug on him in late october and try to push those democratic voters to the stents they can, to crist, that is really charlie crist's chance
10:37 am
of winning. we'll find out. martha: fascinating road he's taken in this and what about the california senate rice, carly fiorina and boxer look, right now. >> the polls keep going back and forth. i've seen polls with boxer ahead narrowly and carly fiorina ahead narrowly and i've said many times, it is california, one of the most democratic states in the country, meg whitman is leading the governor ship out there and carly fiorina is popular for the senate and that tells us more about the election. martha: and, joe sestak and pat toomey. >> the republican nominee is the clear favorite to win the senate seat and it's not particularly close and the republican candidate for governor will sweep, tom corbett and it will be a republican year in pennsylvania. martha: wow, won't that be interesting, presidential
10:38 am
election time. larry, thank you very much, we always love chewing over this with you and looking forward to seeing you again, soon, thank you, sir. bill: 24 months ago, every day looks like the other. martha: interesting. bill: stay tuned, huh? many things will never be the same, and a once beautiful neighborhood, at least four people dead and dozens of lives, destroyed, changed forever, now this morning we find out it is more than just charred homes, and vehicles. >> not just the physical reinstruction, it is a mental reinstruction that has to take place and will affect our city, and our individuals. our citizens, for many, many years to come. bill: who is legally responsible for this catastrophic blast, and wait until you see the videotape that has emerged. martha: scottish officials said the lockerbie bomber had only months to live, remember that, and he's been around more than a year later, still alive and well according to reports, u.s.
10:39 am
officials demand answers on this, the u.k. just blasting back on that. we'll be right back. boss: our s gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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bill: breaking news out of washington, the president about to speak at a reception honoring historically black colleges and kicking off a week of events and you can go to our web site, and the president will speak. live in a moment, you can see that streaming live on our web site, check that out from the white house, happening at 10:42, east coast time. martha: the british government is refusing to meet with senate investigators who are looking into the release of convicted lockerbie bomber abdelbaset al-megrahi. the foreign office, said they declined the request because of concerns over international jurisdiction among other things and the scottish government
10:43 am
released abdelbaset al-megrahi as you probably well remember, to his home country of libya in august of '09. that is the video of him getting a hero's welcome here and doctors warned he had only three months to live, at the time which turned out to be fathlse d 259 people were killed on the flight in 1988 and most of them were americans. [explosion]. >> [bleeped], [bleeped], [bleeped]. [bleeped]. [bleeped]. [bleeped]. [bleeped]. [bleeped]. [bleeped]. martha: bill: amateur video of a giant fair ball in the skyment the explosion annihilated a neighborhood in california and, investigators on scene looking
10:44 am
for clues as to what caused the explosion and what sparked it in the first place and this is the best view yet of what they experienced in san bruno. also, they are demanding answers as to how in the world an entire neighborhood, in america, today, could just explode. hir here's the lieutenant governor. >> i want to know what happened now, i don't want to wait 18 months, there are a lot of gas pipelines throughout the state and we want to be sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. bill: joey jackson joins us now. what a shame this is. what happens here. >> the public utility out there. bill: what is this legal issue. >> what will happen, a tragedy and is horrific and people are displaced and people are dead and people are missing and you have rescue operations, and, what is going to happen here is, there will be a state and federal investigation, and as you know the traffic safety board is on the issue, a long term matter, and what is fortunate for the victims, you
10:45 am
could say, it is fortunate, is i think they will be compensated and will be compensated fully, and i think it will also happen quickly. bill: they'll be taken care of. >> and there is also a political component and you heard the lieutenant governor and, what happens is the political component, is sympathy here and a massive outcry and they want to get in fronts of this -- "they" being pg & e and in terms of compensating the vips and making sure everyone is taken care of and, get the emotional help they need and placed back inside their homes. bill: this is 2.5 feet, 30 inch diameter pipeline installed 1948. and, a huge state of california. they operate 5700 miles of gas transmission lines. is that company now required to go through all of them, yet again, and make sure they are okay? i think, yes. >> the question, is absolutely on point and the answer, bill is 100%, why? because you want to prevent further tragedy and if it was something they didn't see coming, see, the legal issue
10:46 am
will be predicated upon their duty to main tiny and upkeep and this is a 1948 pipe, installed at that time and have to go bit by bit, piece by piece to be sure there is no more leakage or issues or smells and have an obligation to the people to do that coming. bill: "if they did not see it coming" is the phrase you used, from 2009, here's a statement: if the replacement of the pipe does not occurred, risk will not be rekufd, couple with the consequences of failure of this section of pipeline the likelihood of a failure makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high. >> you see, that is the problem. bill: and you had people who said we smelled gas for days. >> yes, see, what happens then, that is an issue of negligence and they have a duty and obligation to make sure all the people around there, and have access to the pipeline are kept safe and are supplied with a way
10:47 am
to keep them healthy and taken care of and to the extent there was a notice to the company something was amiss... bill: the attorney, you are an attorney, documents like these are what you look for. >> absolutely and they'll get out in front of the issue and there will be victims compensation funds established and it will not prevent the wrongful death actions that will occur end the other litigation but will give solace and peace of mind, to i think the victims to know the company has their best interest. bill: public utility, people can go after them in a legal sense, if it was the government to owned the pipeline they have protection. is my understanding. >> there's a different type of approach, there are deep pockets and some types of immunity for the government but with a private entity who maintains an manages and organizes, it represents different legal issues and at the end of the day not that it is any consolation at all to the people who died and been misplaced and are missing, there will be a fund established in their interests, and it will assist them financially, emotionally an
10:48 am
otherwise. bill: the affected area is huge, too. and have you seen the crater in the ground. >> thanks to fox news, indeed. bill: there it is and the aftermath. thanks for coming in, we are asking people on-line, when you think about it. are you concerned about gas pipe safety in your area, a split decision owe far, 43%, yes. and 40%, no big deal an 9%, are, quote, a little worried."america's newsroom" and you can weigh in on that, cast your votes, and leave a comments if you would like to on our web site. thanks again. >> pleasure, pleasure is mine. bill: indeed. martha. martha: thanks, joey and bill and an investigation is underway into the nfl, right now. why this reporter is now saying she was unfairly treated. plus it's like, like no other, what makes this house stand out from the rest of the block. >> picture myself living in the woods and maybe knocking down the home... >> flintstones, kind of. >> mushroom home. >> hobbit house. >> somebody's home for a lot of
10:49 am
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bill: gang -- >> antics with a reporter, this is the reporters, patrolling the side line at jets camp for a mexican tv station and dodging football during practice on saturday and claims the new york coach accidentally -- or purposely, threw wild passes at her, and, also accusing players of cats-calling an whistling at her in the locker room and she met personally with the team's owner, wide johnson who said he'll work with the league to see if disciplinary action is needed and we'll find out whether or not it impacts the play on the fields and jets an ravens play. martha: and, 4,000 unsquare feet
10:53 am
you might say of real estate is up for grabs outside of minneapolis. the house you are about to see is truly a piece of history and is a piece of art. but, in this market, will anybody want to buy it? the fox affiliate reporter joins us from minneapolis and has the story. >> reporter: intrigued people for years. >> well, isn't that slick. >> reporter: when the doors opened, for an open house, neighbors jumped at the chance to take a look. >> it really blows your mind. it is totally '60s. >> when you walk in it is a lot brighter than i thought. >> if i can sell this, i can sell anything. >> reporter: dana murray is the real estate agent and a tour guide. >> there are no square feet. we have a square toilet but no square feet. >> reporter: built en 1969, the home is centered around a 22 food cement structured and secured by support cables that stretch all the way outside. >> it is not really made out of wood. it is made out of this stuff. >> reporter: the molded roof and
10:54 am
walls are made of layers of burlap, chicken wire, 2 x 2 decent and lots of foam. >> reporter: and the owners passed but their daughter who has it up for sale, remembers helping make it when she was 14. >> she said it was fun to decide how to form the walls and which way they'd turn and mom didn't like the wall here and took something and cut it out and foam dried over it and said, now i like it, this is great. >> reporter: in 1970s, it was featured in "life" magazine and since hosted countless events, and for many, considered a piece of local history. >> and growing up in the '70s it would be a fun party house. >> reporter: after four decade , much of the mechanics need work. >> i have been intents bigger. >> reporter: and most admit the living tightly is not for them. >> i picture living in the woods and knocking down the home. >> flintstones, kind of. >> a mushroom home. >> a hobbit house, but it was somebody's home for a lot of years and this loved it.
10:55 am
>> reporter: the owners called it en sculpt-ic, environmental sculpture in plastic and truly, one of a kind. >> seems a shame to tear it down, noon what eli don't know would do it, other than invite people over and let them look. martha: "the flintstones" house... a hobbit house, i think it is cool, but that is the problem, i don't know if i wants to wake up in it every morning. bill: what do you do, call up the people and say, look! martha: look! bill: and there's a possible plea deal that might be in the works for the alleged christmas day body bomber, why his lawyers are trying to avoid a trial and would the government cut a deal for him? we'll find out. martha: and four legged friends show casing their very best skills. we'll be right back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
10:56 am
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call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. martha: this just in, the
10:59 am
lawyers for sarah stroud, who is the abducted hiker, u.s. hiker who's being held in iran for over a year is supposed to be set free but now the family's lawyers are asking for that $500,000 bail to be dropped as part of her release. we will keep you updated on whether or not the iranian government decides to do that, and still no word on the fate of the other two. very tense situation for these families. bill: enough is enough. canine competitors going for the gold, or would be just as happy with the table scraps from the latest meal. national dog olympics, raleigh, north carolina, everything from the frisbee toss to the high jump, a slobbering exhibition of events. slobbering is optional, though. how ce help it, for crying out loud! he would love the table scraps. martha: slobbering is one of the events, is that true? frisbee? >> bill: just seeing how that saliv


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